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FXCM UK Rebates

FXCM UK Rebates

In partnership with CashBackForex, Forex Rebates offers unparalleled rebate rates for FXCM UK clients. Trade with an industry leading broker and get cash back on all your forex trades – win or lose

Due to the average notional trading volume that FXCM generates; FXCM has obtained close banking relationships with some of the most aggressive price providers. Having multiple price providers is especially important in volatile markets, when one or two banks may post wide spreads, or simply avoid quoting any price at all. With so many major banks quoting prices to FXCM, there are competitive spreads, even during market-moving news events.

FXCM’s No Dealing Desk Forex Execution aims to provide transparent and fair execution. Every trade is executed back to back through an affiliate with one of multiple banks or financial institutions, which compete to provide FXCM with bid and ask prices. The best spreads available to FXCM are streamed to you with a markup, which is how FXCM is compensated.

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FXCM UK Forex Rebate Rates

  • Standard Trade Station and all MT4 accounts: 0.70 pips / rtl
  • FXCM UK Active Trader accounts: $0.50 per standard (100k) lot traded
  • FXCM UK Dealing Desk: 0.29 pips / rtl on currency trades
  • .29 pips/rtl on all BUND, ESTX50, Platinum, Palladium, and Natural Gas trades, and 0.14 pips/rtl on Copper trades.
  • FSS (System Selector) accounts: $3.50 / rtl
  • FXCM UK non-US accounts may trade:  CFDs & Indices, which earn a cashback rate of 0.14 pips / rtl; Gold – 2.9 pips per contract; Silver – 0.29 pips per contract.
  • For the 19 exotic currency pairs listed there is a lower rebate rate of .5833 Pips/rtl (USD/DKK, USD/NOK, USD/SEK, NOK/JPY, SEK/JPY, EUR/DKK, EUR/NOK, CHF/NOK, EUR/SEK, GBP/SEK, CHF/SEK, USD/ZAR, USD/MXN, USD/HKD, EUR/HUF, USD/HUF, EUR/PLN, USD/PLN, USD/RUB)
  • We do not provide rebates for trades made on micro accounts

FXCM UK  Spread Betting (available to UK & Ireland residents only)

  • Forex: .4 pips/rtl
  • CFD: .14 pips/rtl
  • Gold: 1.45 pips/rtl
  • Silver: .14 pips/rtl
  • Dow Jones FXCM (USDOLLAR): .14 pips/rtl


Hold accounts in NZD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY or USD. Trade micro lots on FXCM MT4 accounts.

To Open a New Account and Receive Cash Back

  1. Sign up for a free account with Forex Rebates – click here
  2. Confirm your subscription and complete the CashBackForex registration process
  3. Complete the additional instructions provided by CashBackForex
  4. Choose your payment method in your CashBackForex user profile and get paid to trade!

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FXCM UK is no longer allowing Japanese, UK, German or Colombian residents to open accounts via Forex Rebates and CashBackForex. TRADENCY ACCOUNTS: Rebates are ONLY paid for FSS (System Selector) accounts, not for any other TRADENCY account type.

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